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Welcome to Dundalk Baseball 2017

Registration is closed for the 2017 season

Opening Day Parade is April 22, 2017. Please assemble in the parking lot at Dundalk Elementary at 830am. The parade starts promptly at 9am and ends at Logan Elementary at approximately 930am. *Team Moms - start working on those team banners for the kids to carry announcing their teams. A piece of PVC piping and felt works fine, see some examples in the pictures below.* Opening Day games will begin at 10am and all teams will participate. The Opening Day Games Schedule will be emailed and posted here by April 15. Regular season schedule will also be out by then, if not sooner. 

Still working on finding a photographer for team and individual photos. The one we have is having trouble scheduling us in. Anyone with a photographer in mind, let Chris know,

Bull and Shrimp Roast tickets are available at the concession stand or by emailing Chris through May 12. Tables seat 10, tickets are $45. The Roast is May 19. This is our only fundraiser of the season so let's make it a success.

Mark your calendar - Registration for the 2018 season will run from February 17, 2018 through March 17, 2018.

Wee Ball - 3 year olds. $40 Very basic Tee Ball. Hard bats, helmets, safety balls. Bring your own glove. Games / practices are Saturdays around 11am

Tee Ball - ages 4 - 6. Saturday morning games at 9:00, one weekday practice.

Clinic League - ages 7 - 8. $60 Games Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, practice either Friday or Saturday

Minor League - ages 9 - 10. $60 Games Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm, practice either Friday or Saturday

Major League - ages 11 - 12. $70 Games Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm, practice either Friday or Saturday

Pony League* - ages 13 - 15. $70 Games Mondays and Wednesdays at 6pm, practice either Friday or Saturday

Colt League* - ages 15 - 17. $70

*As of now, we only offer Pony League, but there is a meeting of the minds on February 8 to determine if we will offer a Colt League for the 2017 season. *As of March 18, the Colt League is still undecided.

Bat Restrictions and Requirements

Personal bats are optional, but must conform to the league standards.

Wee Ball and Tee Ball - Tee Ball or equivalent "generic" bat 26" or less. Generic bats are the Hot Wheels or Barbie bats that do not have the script words little league on them. These bats are safe to hit safety balls which are used in Wee Ball and Tee Ball, but can not be used to hit a hard ball. Tee Ball bats with the script little league are certified to hit a hard ball. Ollie's - under $10, or Play it Again Sports on Belair Rd just north of the beltway by Giant. Certified Tee Ball little league bats cost a little more.

7 - 8 and 9 - 10. One piece, aluminum construction only. 2 1/4" barrel. No wood, no composite, no two piece bats are allowed. 7 - 8 can use a bat labeled Tee Ball, however it must have the script words little league printed on it. A tee ball bat without that certification is not safe to use when hitting a hard ball. All bats must say little league.

11 - 12 and 13 - 15. Any one piece aluminum and/or composite bat is allowed up to 2 3/4" barrel. No wooden bats.

Volunteers are always needed, especially in the concession stand and helping with our only fundraiser this year - and Bull and Oyster Roast

Please visit the newly updated Sponsors page to see exactly who is sponsoring our little leaguers.

For Dundalk Travel Baseball information, please visit the Dundalk Travel page.

Email Chris at burns.cj@gmail.com with questions


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